Hands-on Blockchain Developer Workshop

This workshop is your entry point to Blockchain development and is ideal for an organisation looking to cross-train their existing development team and train new recruits, and ideal for any developer looking to make that leap into the Blockchain ecosystem.

The ecosystem continues to grow at a rapid pace with a tonne of innovation taking place, from start-ups to global corporations. Almost every company involved in this space are hiring for Blockchain developers. However, there is currently a short supply of talent. This is good news for developers wanting to break into this space.

The workshop is very hands-on and you will be taught by leading experts currently working in the Blockchain space. If you are a developer looking to break into this area, this workshop is for you. The two day programme provide a thorough introduction to Blockchains, Bitcoin, Byzantine Fault Tolerant Networks, Mining, Ethereum, Smart Contracts Security and Ethereum Internals such as Cryptography, Consensus, EVM, Privacy and much more. You will be taught on what it takes to become a Blockchain Developer. The focus for this workshop is the practical techniques that are needed when developing and building decentralized applications on Ethereum. Students will explore the Ethereum platform and have the opportunity to raise any questions throughout the whole session.

Meet our team of experts


Nick Zeeb

Nick is a passionate advocate for Blockchain Technology and loves teaching technical concepts in an understandable way. He was previously the Lead Engineer at Clearmatics, a London Blockchain financial start-up and has expertise in high performance trading systems.

Nick holds a Master’s degree in Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Oxford. He has given a number of talks on the subject of Blockchain Technology.

Nick will be introducing developers to the way the Blockchain works technically, and what its potential applications could be.  He will cover the workings and history of the Bitcoin Blockchain, as well as Ethereum and its concept of smart contracts that allow Turing complete code to execute on a virtual machine on the Blockchain. Nick will hold a Q&A session after each topic.

Matthew Di Ferrante

Matthew is a Software Engineer with a passion for Information Security, Cryptography, and Distributed Networks. He has worked in many different areas, from hardware, embedded and kernel programming, to data mining, analytics, and network / systems programming. He first started learning programming at 12 years old, and is completely self taught, both on the practical side of programming, and on the theoretical side of computer science, mathematics, and cryptography. Matthew was first exposed to Bitcoin in late 2010 due to his interest in information security, as Bitcoin was first mainly used on darknets/Silk Road, and got fully involved in the Blockchain space around the time Ethereum started to exist – beginning his foray while living with Vitalik Buterin and long time friend Vlad Zamfir (Creator of Ethereum’s Casper Protocol) in London for a few months.

Matthew currently works as a Technical Lead at Clearmatics, developing Blockchain Technology for financial use cases. In his free time, Matthew works on personal hardware projects, gives Information Security and Blockchain related talks at various events, and organise one of the largest monthly Information Security events in the North-West. Matthew’s design for a Secure Oracles Reputation System on Ethereum recently won first place for Smart Contract Security at the Thomson Reuters HackETHon.

Matthew will talk about Smart Contracts Security and Ethereum Internals. He will discuss the most important areas to know as a Blockchain Developer. Matthew will hold a Q&A session after each topic.

Laurence Kirk

After a successful career writing low latency financial applications in the City of London, Laurence was captivated by the potential of Blockchain Technology, and in particular smart contracts.

Two years ago, Laurence moved to Oxford and set up Extropy.io, a consultancy working with start-ups in the UK and overseas, developing applications on the Ethereum platform. He brings with him a wealth of real world experience that he loves to share with those new to this area.

Laurence hold a Physics degree from Durham University, and currently taking his MSc in Software Engineering at Oxford University. In addition to giving talks, mentoring at hackathons, and running groups about Blockchain Technology, Laurence also organise Artificial Intelligence and Data Science groups in Oxford.

During the workshop, Laurence will be teaching Solidity (an object-oriented programming language for writing smart contracts) from the simplest smart contract up to interacting with a web application. The focus is very much the practical techniques that are needed when developing on Ethereum. The sessions will be very hands on, encouraging students to practice and explore Ethereum and raise any questions students might have regarding the Ethereum platform.

Nick Johnson

Nick Johnson is a Senior Software Engineer and has been working in the software engineering space for the past 16 years. Nick is currently working as a Software Engineer for the Ethereum Foundation and prior to this, he worked at Google for a number of years.

He brings with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise in Solidity that he loves to share and will be teaching how to write and develop smart contracts during the hands-on development session, and will give students the opportunity to ask questions in relation to the Ethereum platform.


Jerome Rousselot

Jerome is a co founder, advisor and public speaker in the blockchain industry. Jerome left his job as Android TV technical lead at Marvell Technology and relocated to London to create Mycelium UK in 2014. He now helps the Mycelium wallet to break even and deliver its roadmap.

Jerome has also been involved in exchanges, micro finance, insurance, fair betting, supply chain, gaming, secure hardware, smart contracts and teaching software developers. Jerome’s startup Jita is coached by the Singularity University.

He is a fellow of the Startup Leadership Program and obtained his PhD in Computer Science at EPFL, Switzerland. Jerome has a passion for teaching others who are genuinely interested in learning about Blockchain technology.


Event Manager and Organiser

Antonio Sabado 

Antonio is a founder of The Blockchain Connector, a training and recruitment company focusing entirely on Blockchain technology. Antonio has 10 plus years experience working closely with global Investment Banks placing highly skilled eTrading Technology professionals. He brings with him an extensive network, ranging from mid to senior level technology and business professionals across the financial sector. Hands-on in winning new business, developing and managing on-going client relationships. Very successful in building repeat business based upon building strong relationship with clients and understanding their requirements. Antonio is an organiser of several Blockchain focused events in London aimed at software developers and business users. Antonio aims to build a vibrant Blockchain developer community in London by hosting regular workshops, technical deep dive sessions and hackathons.

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