About us

At The Blockchain Connector, we provide hands-on Blockchain related workshop for developers, and we assist start-ups and global corporations recruit Blockchain talent.  We understand there is a shortage of talent across the wider Blockchain ecosystem, and for this reason, our mission is to become the central hub for training and talent acquisition.

What makes us different

Blockchain Developer Workshop
The Blockchain workshop we offer is unique to others. Our training programme is very hands-on and taught by leading experts currently working in the Blockchain space. We provide a through introduction to Blockchains, Bitcoin, Proof of Work, Mining, Ethereum, Smart Contracts Security and Ethereum Internals such as Cryptography, Consensus, EVM, Privacy and much more. We teach our students on what it takes to become a Blockchain Developer. The focus for this workshop is the practical techniques that are needed when developing and building decentralized applications on Ethereum. Students will explore the Ethereum platform and have the opportunity to raise any questions throughout the whole session.

Talent Acquisition
We are very active in the Blockchain space organising and participating at various events. We are at the very heart of the Blockchain community giving us access to a talent pool. We have the technical expertise to evaluate the job profile requirement versus the proposed candidate by conducting the necessary technical assessment before submitting a candidate profile to a given requirement. This put us in a unique position from a talent acquisition perspective.

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