Up and coming events in London strictly for Software Engineers


web3j 3.0 – Integration with Ethereum and Smart Contracts for Developers, 30th of November, 2017, London

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Basic Attention Token platform, blockchain-based digital advertising system, 14th of December, 2017, London

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Golem Insight: Challenges of Decentralized Settings. Featuring Golem As a Primary Example, 16th of January, 2018, London

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Break into the Blockchain Space for Developers, 25th & 26th of January, 2018, London

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More top speakers coming soon for 2018. Please revisit our site for further details.


We are currently HIRING Software Engineers based in London or Remote for a number of our clients. We are hiring C++, Java, Golang, Python, Haskell, C# and Full stack Javascript Developers. We are looking for software engineers who are passionate about Blockchain Technology, either with or without Blockchain experience. Please get in touch on info@theblockchainconnector.com


Where to find us

We are everywhere. You will find us at most of the Blockchain meetups, conference and hackathons in London. We participate and organise a number of events on a monthly basis.

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Who we are

At The Blockchain Connector, we understand there is a shortage of talent across the wider Blockchain ecosystem. Our mission is to build a vibrant community of Blockchain professionals. We act as a bridge for those who are passionate about breaking into the Blockchain space. We do this by providing Blockchain developer workshops, meetups, conference and hackathons.

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https://blockchain-careers.slack.com/ (this is an invitation only group, to join please send an email outlining your request to join at antonio@theblockchainconnector.com)

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